June 28, 2007

Senator Voinovich: Clueless on Amnesty Bill

Ohio Senator George 'no facts' Voinovich
You really should listen to talk radio host Sean Hannity's interview with Senator George Voinovich. It reveals that the Republican from Ohio is utterly ignorant of the contents of the pending legislation and has no command of important facts relevant to any discussion of its worthiness. Like, how much the Shamnesty Bill will cost the American taxpayers. Voinovich gets so flummoxed he hangs up on Sean.

Reminds me of a day a few months ago. I saw that Nebraska had received umpty-dum federal dollars to spend on Nebraska's homeless. I wondered just how many dollars per homeless person in Nebraska this amount would cover. I called Congressman Lee Terry's office here in Nebraska to ask how many homeless there were in our state. They didn't know, and acted like I was out of line to ask. I called Lee's office in Washington. Still no answer. In fact, I couldn't find a single one of my elected representatives in Washington, House or Senate, Republican or Democrat, that had any idea how many homeless we had. One suggested I call the local shelter. For all their promises to call me back with an answer, I'm still waiting.

These cats spend our money and try to fight our wars without bothering to ascertain the most relevant facts. I don't know what they do base their Congressional votes upon, but it isn't facts. Voinovich is just an example. No wonder these oligarchs want to muzzle talk radio.
You should write a "strongly worded letter" to your Senators today. Ben Nelson is reportedly backing away from this ill advised legislation. Encourage him.
File under: throw the bums out.

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