June 28, 2007

Score one for the people

The World Turned Upside Down
Senate Blocks Immigration Bill. 46-53 against cloture. Haven't seen the votes yet, but I have to think our Democrat Senator Ben Nelson helped America dodge a mortal bullet by voting to finish off this ill-conceived, dishonest piece of legislation. From CQ:
Perhaps the most telling vote will come from Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson, who has made a practice of supporting cloture motions whether he intends to vote for the legislation or not. Nelson said Wednesday he would likely break that tradition and vote against ending debate on the immigration bill.
Ben is the best Senator Nebraska has. Nobody but Chuck Hagel can deny it. Rush Limbaugh will never stop saying that he and his talk-radio pals are running America.
Update: Ben Nelson didn't let us down. Here are the numbers, via Michelle Malkin.
Thanks to Sean Hannity, George Voinovich was one of the "switch" votes. Or, perhaps he just couldn't get it straight. Lets see, was it “a vote against cloture is a vote to kill the bill” or "a vote for cloture is a vote for..."? I forget.
The Fred File: Fred Thompson blogs today's vote: "This has been a good day for America." Fred thanks bloggers for helping to make it so.

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