July 25, 2007

Be careful where you fall ill or become incapacitated

Propaganda Poster for Aktion T4 - Click
Doctors and other health care professionals in Louisiana are now free to put patients to sleep like a dog or a convict if the weather is too nasty. Dr. Anna Pou, accused of murder for euthanizing patients under her care during the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina so she and her helpers could go home has been cleared for now. A Grand Jury failed to return an indictment against her, but you'd think she had been acquitted to read the MSM.

You can read the wah-wah sympathetic AP story here, or read the Plains Feeder's earlier posts about the Katrina grandma murders:
October 15, 2005: Get that Living Will signed
October 21, 2005: Arrests Likely in Katrina 'Mercy Killings'
July 18, 2006: Euthanasia in Louisiana - 2nd Degree Murder
These are the same murderous liberal monsters who think poison shots are a good way to ease the cost to society of sick folks. If it doesn't pay society to treat you, then you get no treatment. If your maintenance costs are too high, then active euthanasia is the solution. Like Action T4.

This nasty business always gains traction with the introduction of any form of socialism. No wonder it is popular in the European countries. When the state pays the state gets the say. Think Hillarycare.

These dangerous hypocrites howl about lethal injections being too inhumane and painful to use on condemned criminals. Go figure.

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