August 01, 2007

Barack O-Bomba

Barack the Hawk-eared
Performing what has been called his "Safety Dance" Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has declared that he will invade Pakistan if our shaky pal Musharraf doesn't put a stop to nastiness in the Tribal Regions. Two thoughts: Pakistan has nuclear weapons; Islamabad has never, ever had control over the Tribal Regions.

As Michelle Malkin points out, the Democrat contenders seem to be falling over themselves to show which one is warrior enough to take on the Jihad. Edwards wants to mess with Saudi Arabia, the site of Mecca. So far, the lady in the race, Hillary Clinton, has displayed more brass than all the girlie-men seeking the Democrat nomination put together.
Ann Coulter on the YouTube Democrat debate: Hip or hippie?
Update: Barack blinks.

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