August 01, 2007

Accused molester John Monetti to change plea

"I haven't done anything wrong"
Recently, there appeared in the comments sections a statement that Mr. John Monetti has reached a plea bargain agreement with the federal prosecutors. Today one of my readers called the Federal District Court and discovered that Mr. Monetti has scheduled a Change of Plea appearance early in the morning August 20th. I believe Mr. Monetti will be present in court for this procedure, and may very well receive his sentence at the same time.

I can't confirm, but the tipster who prefers to go unnamed says he has agreed to a sentence of 12 years. That will be a hard 12, with no time off for good behavior or chance of early release on parole. I know lots of you will howl that Mr. Monetti deserves worse, but we are talking about the real legal system here.

We must be grateful for the good job our public servants have done in this case: the good Samaritan that tipped the police; the Sheriff that smelled something amiss and acted on it; the local prosecutor who developed preserved the case, then wisely sought to have it moved to federal court; and the tough federal prosecutor here in our district that took the case. We can thank all these folks that we won't see a repeat of the short shrift such cases sometimes receive in our state courts.

If you are not familiar with the story of Mr. Monetti, former school teacher, principal, and volunteer firefighter now facing federal charges for having repeatedly traveled to Nebraska from Long Island, New York for sex with an underage autistic girl, click here. The Plains Feeder has been following this case closely since it broke, largely because the victim's home is just down the road from the feedlot.

Call the Clerk of the Federal District Court in Omaha for details, should you wish to attend. Their number is 402-661-7350.
Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

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