October 02, 2008

Joe Biden - Sarah Palin Debate

Moderator Gwen Ifill does Joe Biden's lipstick
Its a good thing that Gwen Ifill, the moderator of tonight's debate between Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin has been cleared of the ethics charges that have cast a shadow on the PBS newslady's objectivity.

Just because Gwen stands to profit from her new book, Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. coming out in January doesn't mean she won't be fair to Governor Palin. Even to suggest she might let her financial interest in the outcome of this election stand in the way of her acting as an objective moderator is racist. Besides, I have faith that Sarah can hold her own in the face of a little unfair bias.

I suspect Ms. Ifill will need to apply a little lipstick to Senator Joe Biden. I won't complain. Joe needs all the help he can get. It reminds me of how many Mohammedans dye bright streaks of color in the ram's wool before the Eid al-Adha slaughter.

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