October 03, 2008

Keep up the pressure on the Worst Congress Ever

Flash: Congressman Lee Terry
replaces Senator Chuck Hagel
at the very top of the Feedlot Shit List.

Quick Study?
The current session of Congress will go into the history books as having the lowest ever approval ratings from the American people. This worthless Congress thinks we don't like it because we perceive them as a "do-nothing" Congress. That is why you keep hearing them say that "Doing nothing is not an option". As if doing something stupid was preferable.

I believe the reason we hold the 110th Congress in such low esteem is that they have been a "do everything wrong" Congress.

The only time this session of Congress has even come close to doing anything right has been on those occasions where the US voters have come out and told their representatives what they should or should not do. If it weren't for these 'voter interventions' we would have lost the war in Iraq, granted blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants, and let the terrorists at Guantanamo go free. Without our guidance, this Congress would have raised taxes, stopped oil exploration and ruined our health care system. We would be paying $5 a gallon for gasoline watered down with alcohol made out of our food supply. Nobody but Warren Buffet would be able to afford to eat a steak fattened on $10 corn.

Would that the 110th Congress really were a 'do nothing' Congress. We'd all be better off for it.

Last weekend, we were told that, unless Congress passed a $700,000.000,000 Wall Street bailout bill, the US economic system would be destroyed. Without immediate passage on Sunday night or Monday morning of the huge bailout, (the dollar amount pulled out of thin air) our economy would collapse before market close on Monday. It was a sure thing, they said.

It has been almost a week now, and the bailout bill still hasn't passed and the economy hasn't collapsed. The economy is on its way to recovery on its own. Just as it always has before. Just as it will continue to do in the future if we don't let Congress control it by making politically motivated bailouts a regular feature of our markets.

From the National Review Online:

On Sept. 19, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson put a gun to America’s head: Pass his $700 billion bailout of the banking industry and give him unfettered new powers to buy up an ocean of privately-held toxic assets or all hell would break loose. Treasury officials warned that the market would lose a third of its value if not passed immediately.

We could see falls of 3,000 or 4,000 points on the Dow,” a Republican official heaved. “We may not have another day,” Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hyperventilated. “We can’t afford to do nothing,” echoed all the other Democrat Henny Pennys and Republican Goosey Looseys in Paulson’s sway. It’s a “crap sandwich,” House GOP leader John Boehner sighed, but the costs of inaction would be worse.

On Sept. 29, the House refused to bite. The Dow dropped nearly 7 percent – a “record fall” in points (778), but nowhere near the apocalyptic levels predicted by Paulson’s fear-mongers. Half that drop occurred before the bailout rejection. The skies, however gray, did not fall. The world did not end. The dire predictions of Paulson and company did not come to pass. The next day, stocks (their barometer, mind you, not necessarily mine) rebounded. We’re about where we were in 2006. Stock market Armageddon? I think not.

We must keep the pressure on this Congress to leave our free market free. If these clowns don't hear from you every day, they will assume that you have either come to agree with them or have finally grown complacent. Yes, getting Congress to do the will of the people is much like potty training a chicken. You will only appear to succeed at house-breaking a chicken if you follow the chicken around all day and put it on the toilet every time it needs to go. The moment you stop, the chicken will go back to crapping in the house.

Call your member of the Peoples House in Congress again today. Try to send them some e-mail. Sign a petition. Let them know you haven't changed your mind or grown complacent. If you don't, they will go right back to their old ways and 'reluctantly' take a $700,000,000,000 crap in the house.

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