August 01, 2006

Accused Child Rapist John Monetti back on Long Island?

Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

"Well, I haven't really done anything wrong."
As the old feeder has blogged previously, news about the case of Mr John Monetti has fallen from the front pages. I get numerous anxious e-mails from cats who ask if there have been any new developments. I also get tips from concerned folks following Monetti's case. This post is an update; links to previous posts on the topic are at the bottom.

Mr. Monetti, a respected teacher and school administrator from Long Island, New York, was arrested and charged with child rape in Blair, Nebraska. Evidence shows that Monetti met an underage, autistic girl from Blair, Nebraska on the internet, then flew out here to have sex with her on numerous occasions before getting caught. He has been charged with felony first degree sexual assault of a minor, felony sexual assault with use of a computer, felony child abuse and third degree sexual assault here in Nebraska. These are serious charges that could result in a great deal of prison time for Mr. Monetti if convicted.

After a few days in jail, Mr. Monetti posted $250,000, 10% of his total bond of $2.5 million, and is currently free on a restrictive bail. The terms of his release from jail allow him to return to Long Island, where he must live with his parents. The feeder previously opined that Mr. Monetti might not wish to return to New York, but might skip out; who wants to spend decades in a prison in the middle of nowhere

Rumors and tips that the accused child molester may have returned to Long Island have reached the Plains Feeder. I'm given to understand that the area where his parents live is made up of the sort of small towns that make anonymity difficult. If Mr. Monetti was back home, folks there would know quickly. I have had e-mail tips to the effect that his parents may have more than one residence, but so far only a few Long Islanders have reported contact with him, and those were 'off the record' as to details. I can't say more regarding his possible return to Long Island or his reception there, pending confirmation.

There have been news reports that Monetti may have had child pornography on his computer at home in Suffolk County, New York. His computer there was taken by police, but no charges have been filed. I have reports from Long Islanders indicating that the authorities there frequently turn a blind eye to this sort of behavior. That would be sad. For so many years these crimes went unmentioned and unpunished.
There isn't much to report on the status of Mr. Monetti's legal troubles here in Nebraska. I'm sure his case is on the docket at the Washington County, Nebraska courthouse. There will be discovery, motions, delays and plea-bargain meetings. All of this takes time. You can pester Ms. Paulsen, the court clerk, for details, but I don't advise doing so. I'm confident that the fine reporters at the Washington County Pilot-Tribune and the Times of Smithtown will tip us to any new legal developments in either Nebraska or Long Island.
I'm trying to anticipate Mr. Monetti's defense attorney. What do you suppose he will do?
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