October 23, 2007

Will someone please tell Senator Chuck Hagel to shut up.

Kick this lame duck again, he's still moving.
Our disgraced and discredited Senator Chuck Hagel has been forced to get out of politics, but refuses to behave like the lame duck that he is. From Barbara Anderson at WEBCommentary:
S.2205 was introduced last week by Senators Chuck Hagel (R-NE), Richard Lugar (R-IN), and Dick Durbin. This senate bill grants amnesty to illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. before the age of sixteen. Although publicized as a help to young students, the bill has no age limits on applicants and no caps as to the numbers. The final goodie is the provision that illegal aliens who are granted amnesty under the bill are eligible for federal financial aid.

There are now reports that Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid plans to use a maneuver to bring it back as a stand-alone bill as early as this week by invoking Rule 14. This would allow him to fast-track the bill, with no debate and no markups, which is usually the procedure.

The DREAM Act has been around for several years and was included in the ill-fated “comprehensive” amnesty legislation defeated in the Senate this year. It has been changed from time to time, so some provisions have been altered or even omitted from different resurrections of the act.
Nebraskans are disgusted with Senator Hagel for many reasons: being a RINO, a defeatist, A Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferer, and a favorite of the loony left. He agrees with President Bush on open borders. We cornhuskers have made it abundantly clear that his 'leadership' hasn't lived up to our expectations. We don't want any more of it.

Senator Hagel, stop screwing up the nation and start planning your retirement.
Need to vomit? Read this. Mi corazon sangra purple Kool-Aid.
Want to do something about it? Visit Roy Beck's NumbersUSA and give your open-borders Senators a hotfoot.
More on this new attempt to force amnesty for illegals down our throats at Michelle Malkin's blog.

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