November 14, 2007

Elkhorn wants out of Omaha

Old Town Elkhorn under a cloud
The folks in little Elkhorn, Nebraska are not going to take Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey's hostile annexation of their little berg lying down. The Elkhorn patriots met last night with their so-called city councilmen to discuss why the unwelcome annexation isn't working for anyone. Another meeting, open to the public, is planned for this evening. The meeting will establish support for putting the whole issue on the ballot. If you like liberty, self-determination and local government, you should attend. This isn't just an Elkhorn problem. The usurpers of liberty may well have your town in their sights next.

I'll be sending a Plains Feeder representative to the meeting tonight, and will report on it tomorrow. I can't attend for health reasons, but I feel strongly about this type heavy handed, non-democratic exercise of raw government power. America wasn't made great by little Stalins yanking us along some planned path in chains.

The old feeder doesn't live in Elkhorn, but it is my favorite of the towns that ring Omaha to the West. I shop there, dine there and root for the Antlers. I don't like Omaha, and haven't for about 30 years. I wouldn't live in Omaha if you paid me. It is an ugly misfit; a blue island in a state of red, a leftist yuppie wannabe city in a state of ranchers and farmers who love their small towns. Centralized government may seem like Valhalla to the pinkos that run Omaha, but the rest of us prefer local control.
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