July 03, 2008

First, the down side of this Independence Day: Nah

We are unworthy
I had a down-side post based on Chris Satullo's A not-so-glorious Fourth and similar Independence Day liberal hand-wringing in mind for today. Instead, Scott Voorhees is doing a great job of it on KFAB right now. He's got the listeners going with this one. No sniveling!

Real Nebraskan's don't like this anti-American bent the liberal revisionists have taken.
I was even going to mention the long faces in Elkhorn since their cool town fell to Fahey's Falangists. The new ruling junta's anti-American edict:
The only LEGAL fireworks within the City of Omaha are Snakes and Caps. All other fireworks are illegal within the city limits of Omaha, NE. A person using fireworks within the city limits of Omaha can be faced with a $500 fine and/or jail time.
Liberty dies by inches. In San Francisco they don't even call it Independence Day; its now America Festival: A fun Fourth of July weekend. The article doesn't even mention a reason for the celebration at all.
Tomorrow: God Bless America, even atheists can say it once a year. What have they got to lose?

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