December 07, 2006

John Monetti - accused child rapist gets trial date

Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

Updated: Bargain Struck with Prosecutors
What do you think? Is it a fair trade-off, or is this cat getting a break? From the Washington County Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise:
The 11 counts of first degree sexual assault were amended to one count as a condition of Monetti waiving his preliminary hearing. Monetti is now charged with first degree sexual assault and intentional child abuse with no bodily harm, a class IIIa felony . The charge of sexual assault with the use of a computer was dismissed and Monetti also agreed to not request a bond review.

As a result, the 15-year old victim did not have to testify at the Thursday hearing. Monetti's lawyer had subpoenaed the girl for her testimony.
Eleven counts of child rape, and the much-vaunted internet aspect of this crime are out the window in a deal that doesn't even include a guilty plea. As far as I can tell, the only thing the state got was their wish to spare the victim an appearance at the preliminary hearing. I don't know why the PT&E calls it a plea bargain when there wasn't any plea.
Update II: More details on the deal from the Fremont Tribune. It looks like the accused molester used his ability to require the presence of his accuser, a young girl with problems as leverage to get the charges reduced to the point where he may have a reasonable expectation of ever getting out of prison. While this may seem despicable, it is his right to do so under our current law. He gets a chance at getting back out on the street; the victim and her family aren't forced to confront Monetti and his lawyers.

With eleven child rape charges and a hanging judge handing down consecutive maximums, Monetti could have been looking an effective life sentence. He's good people, I guess. Slap his wrist, he won't do it again. Too rich for jail.

Monetti - Equestrian Coach - Accused Child Rapist
Evidently a trial date has been set, but KETV News fails to mention exactly when. Here is all they have to say:
A New York schoolteacher charged with sexually assaulting a Blair girl will stand trial in Washington County District Court.

Investigators said John Monetti struck up an Internet relationship with the teenager. They said they believe that Monetti routinely traveled from New York to Nebraska to have sex with the girl over a period of several months.

Monetti will be arraigned on charge of felony sexual assault of a child in January, prosecutors said.
Comments to some of the previous Plains Feeder posts about Mr. Monetti's trysts with an underage, autistic girl here in Nebraska indicate that the case is getting no news coverage on Long Island, where the former elementary school teacher, principal and riding coach lives. Looks like everyone expects the whole business to get swept under the rug. I hope the Washington County Prosecutors office doesn't think so.
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