January 17, 2007

NY reader asks about John Monetti

Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

John Monetti in NY
A Plains Feeder reader from Long Island, NY has e-mailed the feedlot with a copy of the following message she sent to Nebraska State Attorney General Jon Bruning in which she voices her concern over recent developments in the John H. Monetti case. You may recall that Mr. Monetti faces charges in Nebraska for allegedly raping an underage, autistic girl from Blair. Mr. Monetti is now free on $2.5 million bail and back on Long Island, to the concern of many locals who were tricked by his posturing as a teacher, school administrator and youth riding coach. Here is her letter:
Dear Attorney General Bruning,

I have been following the John Monetti case since news of his May 06 arrest in Blair Nebraska, was reported in the Long Island newspapers. The case is of great interest to my family as my 15 year old daughter took riding lessons with John Monetti for over 5 years.

I am concerned that the case is not getting the attention it deserves. Charges have been dropped, court dates have been postponed, held over or are undisclosed. It seems that the case is slipping through the cracks, all while John Monetti is living his life on Long Island. We have left local stores on two occasions during the last two weeks in order to avoid him.

Are you aware that he was applying for employment as an equestrian judge? Please note the attached link to a 1-4-07 article entitled "Monetti nearly a horse show judge,"
in "The Times Of Smithtown" http://www.timesofsmithtown.com/

I really would like to know what is happening with this case, when is the trial date? What will the sentence be if he is found guilty on the reduced charges? What would sentencing have been without the reduction in charges?

Considering that John Monetti has chosen a career path that involves constant contact with young girls the outcome of this case should be of great concern to all involved

This is the reply she received from our tough on molesters, all for Safe Kids Attorney General Jon Bruning, essentially passing the buck:
Dear Ms. --------:

Thank you for taking time to contact our office.

Our office is not handling the case that you mentioned. The Washington County Attorney would be the most appropriate person to handle the concerns you’ve addressed. You may contact the county attorney at the following address or telephone number:

Washington County Attorney
1555 Colfax St.
Blair, NE 68008

We wish you the best of luck with your efforts to resolve this matter. Please feel free to contact us again if you have other questions or concerns.


Attorney General
I wonder if Mr. Bruning's suggestion to write to the Washington County Attorney, the engineer of the charge reductions in the case that worry our reader, will help? If this case gets swept under the rug, if Mr. Monetti is sent back to NY to prey on more kids, I for one, will blame the Nebraska justice system. As the head of that system, I will hold Attorney General Bruning responsible.

We wish you the best of luck with your next election campaign, Jon.
Addendum: Here is something Jon Bruning is doing to help lock up internet pedophiles. AG Bruning, in spite of looking like a high school coach, isn't a bad cat. Some of what he does puzzles me, but that is true of everyone I know in politics. Monetti's case won't wait for the Unicameral to move.
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