May 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Marxist Plan for America

Out with Individualism!
The Marxists have crawled out from under our beds while we weren't looking and are making a bid to take over the United States. That bid's name is Hillary Clinton. She now openly advocates Marxist thought in her Presidential campaign. I hate communists. Here is one of the reasons:

I always thought that one of the main things that made America a great nation was the sense of rugged individualism held by its people. You can call it the pioneer spirit and claim its time passed with the frontier days, but I don't think so. You can read the works of Ayn Rand for a vision of a more mature individualism. Most cats that call themselves conservatives believe individualism is an inherent part of human nature. Karl Marx said it wasn't.

Marx and his followers dream of the New Marxist Man. And in the "share the wealth" fantasy world of his followers, there is no room at the table for them as won't accept becoming such a "New Man". If they can't 'educate' the folks by controlling public schools, they will try to grow new Marxists. Think of Nicolae Ceauşescu's hideous baby factories. None of these methods have succeeded in creating the selfless, ant-like worker the Marxist idealizes. And it isn't in the cards for Hillary, either.

All Socialist movements, be they of the National Socialist bent or the International Socialist persuasion, have ended up resolving this conundrum by suppressing or eliminating the ones that refuse to accept becoming a Marxist New Man. The extremes come to mind first, the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and other butchers are easy to spot. But there are more insidious ways to crib the success of unworkable communal economies. The Gulags become hospitals, killing fields give way to re-education centers. Look for a President Hillary to hospitalize refuseniks for shock or drug therapy. Perhaps she will imprison for re-education those who won't give their wealth to the state.

At least it is out in the open now. Comrade Hillary is a Marxist.
Her campaign message might as well be: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
Addendum: Hillary and Karl Marx, by Henry Lamb
Hillary's rhetoric and voting record reveal a philosophy that penalizes success by taxing the rich and rewards failure by expanding the work government does for other Americans. Hillary's description of the government she prefers is one that takes "from each according to his ability," and redistributes "to each according to his need." In fact, she told a San Francisco audience: "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."
If that ain't Marxist thought, I'll eat Hillary's shorts.
Practical advice: should Hillary's election seem imminent, invest in ethanol. Americans will be drinking it like the Soviets drank vodka. To numb the pain.

May 27, 2007

Remember Our Cold War Heroes

CIA Book of Honor
The glass-encased "Book of Honor" contains 54 names of the 87 intelligence officers honored on the Memorial Wall. Each name is inscribed using calligraphy, and a gold star is placed before each name. Names of 33 officers cannot be revealed; these officers are remembered in the book by only the gold star. After the inscription is complete, the handmade paper is placed in a black leather book. The "Book of Honor" is hand bound in Moroccan goatskin and has a gold embossed CIA seal on its cover. Harold Vogel designed the original "Book of Honor." The case and Book were replaced in 2004 because unfortunately, more room was needed. The new, larger Book is also made of black leather with a gold CIA seal on the cover.
Some of the men and women who gave their lives in war for our United States will never be known. Beyond those we cannot physically identify, memorialized at the Tomb of the Unknowns, there are many we cannot identify because it would be illegal to do so. One example would be the unnamed Star Agents of the CIA. Still more died performing secret duties under less formal arrangements.

Try to give these unnamed heroes a thought this Memorial Day.

May 25, 2007

Al 'Dark Heart' Gore: the hypocrisy, the hypocrisy

Al Gore titillates the hypocrites in Fruitifornia
Trying to get caught up on blog reading in between doing chores this morning, the old feeder found this great photo coverage by the Zombie of an Al Gore and Barack Obama rally in Marin County, California. The turnout consisted of old 60's libs with Che accessories who arrived in giant SUVs. Such hypocrisy! See all the pictures, scroll all the way down.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for pointing out that Zombie Time is inviting readers to photoshop one of his Gore pics. I can't resist a photoshop opportunity. The picture above is my effort to help expose these effete commie dupes.
BTW: What gives with Al's "man in black' duds?

May 23, 2007

The Negligent Blogger

Sinus Pressure can Kill
The old feeder has been out of town, visiting family in Iowa. I felt great while I was there. Since I got back to the feedlot, however, a nasty change in the atmospheric pressure has my sinuses hurting.

When I was away my excuse for not blogging was that I had forgotten my Blogger password. Now the exquisite, eye-watering pain only a sinus headache can inflict is keeping me from thinking. Heck, it even hurts to look at the monitor.


May 19, 2007

Amnesty Now!

San Ysidro Border Crossing
How many disaffected Mexicans are packing their suitcases right now? If the Senate can't stop it, another amnesty is in the works. Mexamerica can't be far behind.

I'd be willing to give Mexico Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico for them to set up their nasty Aztlan nation. On the condition that all Mexican and other south-of-the-border illegal aliens in the rest of America move there immediately.

I'd even be so kind as to offer a small window of opportunity for the American citizens now living in the ceded states to repatriate to the US. After the window closes, though, they become Mexicans or Aztlanians or whatever.

May 16, 2007

Big Food

Big Rice
Click to learn why the old feeder buys big food and butt-wipe by the bale.
I'm guest blogging at Angela's Right to Free Speech.

May 15, 2007

Fred Thompson vs Mike Moore? No Contest!

Quintessential Democrat Michael Moore
I was visiting Babalu Blog, my favorite anti-castro blog, where I see Michael Moore has challenged Fred Thompson, our next President, to a debate on TV. Fred Thompson has this honorary Cubiche's vote.

Breitbart Video: Fred Thompson's response to Michael Moore's debate challenge.

Monstrous Mike's response to Fred's response is here for now.

Political Correctness Kills the Wopburger

Grease Burger: Racist Statement?
This Rocky Mountain News piece by James Meadow tells the story. An edible concoction named a Wopburger that has been on the menu at a family owned restaurant for ages has to be re-named because one cat was offended. The old feeder wonders how it became the vogue for everyone to think they should stick their noses into other folks' business. I can't believe how many folks swallowed that awful 60's notion that everyone should try to make a difference. This begs the question: what is so wrong with our traditions and ways that everyone and his dog needs to make a difference? Here is a quote:
It all began about 1919, when Michael and Emira Colacci, fresh from Campobasso, Italy, decided that opening a restaurant in Louisville made sense. A place for coal miners - of which Michael was one - to eat, to be comfortable around fellow paisanos.

The you-know-what burger's name wasn't an ethnic slur. It was, Michael and Emira's granddaughter would insist 88 years later, "A nickname. It just meant they were Italian, proud to be Italian."
I guess that means no more Greaseburgers. Uncle's Ben's rice can't be far behind.
Read funny freeper comments on this huge issue. Such irreverence!

May 14, 2007

Chuck Hagel: another Ross Perot?

Senator Hagel raises Ross Perot's ugly head
Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel said this weekend on "Face the Nation" that he is considering an '08 White House ticket with New York City Mayor Bloomberg. What an absolutely horrid prospect.

Does Hagel really think that having a third-party spoiler candidate drawn from among his new RINO friends will do anything but propel a Democrat into the White House? I think such a move would only serve to ensure, à la Ross Perot, a Democrat victory in '08.

The long-term risk of any Democrat President now is that the Federal bench and the US Supreme Court will be packed with liberal activist justices for the foreseeable future. I worry that this would damage our Constitution beyond repair.

Many think Perot's antics gave America eight years of Bill Clinton. Now Hagel and Bloomberg evidently think that another Clinton is what we need in 2008. Perhaps Chuck want to punish Republicans for giving short shrift to his Iraq/Viet-Nam fixation.

I am so disgusted with Senator Hagel. Did you know there isn't any way for Nebraskans to recall a properly elected US Senator?
I can't say I didn't see it coming. The street sweeper on Leavenworth has been following this revolting trend for some time. I guess I wanted to think it couldn't be true.
Outside the Beltway wonders how the current Republican Party can have been simultaneously hijacked by isolationist and power-projecting forces, as Hagel claims. Ain't they opposites?
Leavenworth Street adds a "Chuck Hagel Countdown Clock" and notes that Senator Hagel would take second billing on a Bloomberg-Hagel Ticket. We can't call Hagel a maverick anymore. How about rogue elephant or, my favorite, a grafted 60's freak having a mid-political-life crisis?
The Beatrice Fiddler has an interesting take on the "surreal Hagel experience". You don't suppose Chuck has been chewing peyote buttons, now, do you?

May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Advice

My Mother in Rialto with Mitzi the cat
I had earned enough money one summer to buy a 35mm camera. A huge can of outdated 35 mm B&W movie film was procured from the Norton AFB DRMO. I got an old darkroom kit from a garage sale and became what used to be called a shutterbug. The little feeder took pictures by the thousands.

As I recall, I said something to my Mother to get her to pose. It might have been "I'm going to shave rings on the cat's tail, Mom!" and it got her to clutch the cat protectively. I found the scratched up old negative a couple years ago after my Dad got a film scanner and made this print.

My Mom is gone now. I miss her, especially on days like this. But it is worse than that. I wasn't on good terms with my Mother when she died, and as long as I live I will regret it.

So, here is my Mother's Day advice: if you and your Mother are at odds about anything, fix it now. I don't care what's wrong between you. Do whatever you must, but don't go to sleep tonight without at least trying to put things right. You may never get another chance.

May 11, 2007

Romney Can't Imagine Anything Worse Than Polygamy

Mormon Sacred Underwear
The media, including most bloggers, have been pussyfooting around the political ramifications of Mitt Romney's Mormon faith. The media, however, isn't very good at pussyfooting when it comes to ambitious Republicans. Some in the media would love nothing better than to just come right out and say, "Mitt Romney belongs to a suspiciously weird cult and therefore isn't qualified to hold any office outside Utah. Some already have said as much.

Mormonism has a colorful past, to say the least. Treacherous massacres, blood atonement, polygamy, the Mason-like secret doings in the Temple, and their sacred underwear all add up to a degree of perceived strangeness that some of us find uncomfortable. Combine that with their door to door missionaries and you have all you need to dislike Mormons.

I don't think this focus on Mitt Romney's faith is out of line. The Presidency is serious business. We don't want to elect a traitor; many voters thought John F. Kennedy would sell America out to the Pope in Rome. JFK convinced the voters that he wouldn't, and became our first Catholic President. In my opinion his administration stunk on ice, nearly getting us into nuclear war. But he didn't let the Pope and his Cardinals run America.

The old feeder has Mormons in the family. My Grandfather was posted to Salt Lake City during WWI. He worked military funerals for soldiers that died at a Spanish flu treatment facility there, and claimed a flirtatious Mormon girl pinched him one day while on parade. He married her and brought her to the farm in Iowa after the war. Her sisters and friends came to visit, latched on to more farmers and a congregation was begun. I think my Dad got himself and me kicked out, but that is another story.

Grandma's father was reportedly a polygamist. I might have a whole bunch of family I don't know about. Even Mitt Romney doesn't like polygamy. In fact, he can't imagine anything worse. He must not have much of an imagination.

May 09, 2007

Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act a Good Thing

My Dad on one of Guam's beaches, c. 1952
Click for 50 years later
Lou at My American Thoughts has asked me to guest blog there. My first post at MAT went up yesterday, and was about the passage in Congress of the widely misunderstood Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act (HR 1595). Many conservative bloggers urged that it be voted down without knowing the facts or historical context of the bill. You can get a reasoned analysis here at Riehl World View. I'm glad it passed.

The old feeder lived on Guam for a year or two in the early 50's. I was a kid, and my Dad was in the service. The island still had Japanese soldiers in the boonies that thought WWII had not ended.

The beaches were beautiful and uncrowded. Think of a pig roasting on a luau style pole, white sand, cool caves and tropical weather. But these beaches had areas marked Off Limits because of unexploded ordnance. Booby traps were rumored to be everywhere. I used to dig up and play with little anti personnel flechettes that looked like tiny bombs with fins. The Guamanian villages were, for the most part, still empty and falling into ruin. No vacation condos, no tourists, no cruise ships. It was a boy's jungle paradise.
When I get back to the feedlot, I'll add a picture from my Guam days.

May 08, 2007

Fred Thompson is not Dr. Knox Pooley

Fred Thompson as Knox Pooley
The Democrat Party and its loony left core is nervous about the burgeoning popularity of Fred Thompson. When Fred first showed a public interest in seeking the Republican Presidential nomination a few months ago, Patterico's Pontifications posted How Will They Trash Fred Thompson?, asking readers to anticipate how the left would go about attacking Fred. It was a tough question, given that Fred Thompson seemingly has all the right stuff to win in '08.

One of Patterico's commenters came up with the fact that Fred had played a nasty role as a hypocritical, bigoted, racist, right wing cult leader and swindler, Knox Pooley, pictured above, who appeared in a few episodes of an abysmal undercover cop series from the 80's titled "Wiseguy". He played a bad guy on TV, maybe he is one. As absurdly reaching as this appears on its face, the LA Times has decided to run with it. Patterico has it here.

The LA Times published this piece: Will Fred Thompson's racist role have political repercussions? by Tina Daunt. It is a rhetorical question, but campaigns are largely about rhetoric, no? LA Times critics are piling on. More proof that the LA Times is a leftist screed that "no longer deserves to be taken seriously as a newspaper" according to Jim Geraghty at National Review, and more proof that the left has nothing else to use against Fred.

Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of the United States in my memory, was a Hollywood actor. Much was made of some of his sillier roles during his many political campaigns, such as Bedtime for Bonzo, where he co-starred with a chimpanzee. But Ron never brought a monkey into the Oval Office. Heck, Ron wouldn't even take off his jacket in the office, let alone unzip his fly for a chubby intern. And Bill Clinton wasn't even in the movies.

If this is all the liberals have to use against Fred Thompson, I'm going to go ahead and book a room in DC for the inauguration. As Tim Hays puts it: I have been "an admirer of Sen. Thompson from his days as CIA Director in No Way Out."
More: Ponterico suggests that he was unduly harsh on Tina Daunt, the author of the LA Times article. You read it, I can't figure it out.

Radio Left: Geoff Staples covers the story here: We can use Fred Thompson's portrayal of white supremacist to destroy his POTUS dreams.

See more cool white supremacist screen captures of Knox Pooley at AMillionMonkeys.
BTW: The cult that Fred's character Dr. Knox Pooley led was called the Pilgrims of Promise. It is also the name of a book based on the tragic Children's Crusades of 1212. Maybe the LA Times can find a way to use this connection with anti-Mohammedan Crusaders to smear Fred.
Check out the updated Fredipedia, learn everything worth knowing about Fred and Jeri Thompson.

May 07, 2007

French Democracy

French celebrate their love of Democracy
Like everything else in France, their elections are a real riot! LGF has the latest burning car count, something you might not see at the top of the page in your favorite source of Main Stream News. Like this al-Reuters story where you can find their count, 730 French cars burned, below the fold.

Vince aut Morire warns us that Sarkozy is only relatively conservative. Relative to a French liberal, I suppose he is conservative. As Vinnie says: "Thousands of burning Peugeots can’t be wrong."

May 05, 2007

Feedlot Believe It or Not

Six Legged Calf
One of Brian Slocum's cows gave birth to a six-legged, hermaphroditic calf with no rectum. It happened April 29th on the Slocum farm near Litchfield, Nebraska, and the reports are the calf is doing well. Details here at the Beatrice Sun. Normally, oddball livestock births like this are so messed up internally that they don't live very long. This one, however, is thriving. Of course, if Slocum's veterinarian hadn't sewed the calf a new a-hole, he wouldn't be so chipper.

That is what I find surprising about all this. Why didn't Slocum or his vet make the decision to cull this oddity? I assume Slocum isn't raising cattle as a hobby. Does Slocum plan to sell this animal on the market? Would you like to eat it? I doubt that this calf will put on weight as efficiently as the rest of the herd, and when you add in the extra vet bill for the new rectum, where's the profit?

Maybe Mr. Slocum plans to put a See the Six Legged Cow sign on Interstate 80, near the world-famous Kearney Archway with directions to his Litchfield, Nebraska farm. Tourists wouldn't hesitate to drive 40+ miles out of their way to see such an attraction. Look how many go see the Arch. I paid a dollar to see a two headed baby at the 1961 Orange Show in San Bernardino, California, and he was in a jar.

May 03, 2007

Odd Crop Report Headline

Big John Deere Planter
I saw this headline in a clipping service e-mail from Brownfield's Ag News Network: Nebraska Corn Board chairman relishes rain. The headline would have you believe the article will deal with grain farmers' worries that a) fields will be too wet, delaying planting or b) already drought suffering fields will be too dry later. When I read the article it was mainly a warning to farmers planning to plant seed corn using Syngenta's Agrisure RW MIR 604 biotechnology. Be careful to keep this stuff out of the Japanese market. They don't like biotech food, but will eat deadly poisonous raw fugu blowfish. Go figure.

The last two paragraphs, beginning with, "In other matters...", the author, Omaha's Peter Shinn, gets around to talking about the recent rain. That is what I started out to write about. The rain has delayed the grain fields surrounding the feedlot only slightly. No problems, but grain farmers always have to have two or three good reasons to worry and complain in reserve. Just in case the weather changes.
Here is an nice farm report from transplanted Nebraskan Genevieve at Prairie Bluestem. Read how farmers rated in Brobdingnag. The King of B-Town also thought Europeans were "the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth."

May 02, 2007

Carey Dean Moore: Its time to give something back

Carey Dean Moore
Death Watch Delayed
Update: 2/9/08 - Neb. court unplugs old sparky
The Nebraska Supreme Court has stayed the Tuesday, May 8th execution of death-row inmate Carey Dean Moore. It looks like Ernie Chambers has thrown his personal agenda (aka: an adjustable-end wrench) into the efforts of Nebraskans to run their own government through the democratic process. The Nebraska Supreme Court bends to a letter from Ernie, the little king. Read the lame-assed opinion ORDER here. The Supremes should have read this post; it would have put their bleeding little activist hearts at ease.

Carey Dean Moore
He's another one of those killers that is known by three names. Carey Dean Moore. He was convicted of murdering taxicab drivers to steal their cash box. He called for a taxi several times before he got ones that looked like they would be easy to kill. He did this twice in August of 1979 before he was caught and confessed. He got the death penalty and has finally expended all his appeals. Carey Dean Moore has a date on May 8th to sit in Nebraska's Old Sparky and be electrocuted.

Nobody of any consequence in bringing about Mr. Moore's execution seem the least bit inclined to stop the process. Not Governor Heineman. Not the Attorney General. Not even the condemned man, Mr. Moore. The usual gang of bleeding hearts, racists and, in spite of Joe Stalin's love of death, local commies will raise a fuss. Most Nebraskans are tired of fattening up Mr. Moore.

A great effort was made to drum up support for either abolishing the death penalty in Nebraska, or to at least delay further executions while we debate the fine points of whether electrocution hurts more than suffocation or poisoning. It doesn't appear that any of this finagling is going to prolong Mr. Moore's wretched existence.

As for the debate over which method of execution causes less acute distress and discomfort for the condemned, I can't see how that makes very much difference. I can tell you from experience that being knocked unconscious by electricity going through your head doesn't hurt at all. I once walked barefoot in the fresh turned earth and hit my forehead on a downed power line. Zap! I think I saw my feet fly up, but thats it; no pain. I woke up a few minutes later.

Don't worry, Carey, you won't feel a thing. Be thankful that we are the only state exclusively using this lightning fast and utterly painless method of imposing the death penalty. No way you can make the wrong choice and live to regret it here in Nebraska. With lethal injection, you might live long enough for you to feel the poison burning your arteries after you have been paralyzed. You sure don't want to see how long you can hold your breath in any Hitlerian gas chamber, nor die with a mouthful of blood in front of a firing squad bent on 'blood atonement'.

After so many years of enjoying the Nebraska Good Life here in our delightful prisons, Mr. Moore has decided that it is about time he gave something back.
Updated: Now they are saying Moore's heart will continue to beat after the big jolt of electricity scrambles his brain. So what? As I said, he won't be feeling anything by then. The only way to stop the heart instantly with electricity would be to cook Mr. Moore well-done with the first jolt. A cooked heart won't beat. The problem with this approach is that the prisoner's body would be seriously disfigured, and the smell would be unpleasant.

If sudden brain death AND simultaneous heart stoppage were all that mattered, why not just put the condemned into a cement bunker with enough explosives to blow him or her to smithereens? No pain, no lingering indicia of life, easy hose-down clean-up, no funeral, no costly grave, no wonder this was one of Idi Amin's favorite execution methods.
More: People You'll See in Hell notes that the "prison is planning a midmorning execution and a light brunch afterwards."

---¤--- ---¤--- May 2 - May 8 ---¤--- ---¤--
Carey Dean Moore Electrocution Watch
This post is being booted to the top of the page for the rest of this week. Since it was first posted April 28th, not one reader has left a comment. The old feeder knows from the stats that a raft of netizens from Europe, mostly the historically humanitarian Germans, have been actively Googling Mr. Moore's upcoming date with death. But no comments. I think nobody really cares what happens to Carey.
This morning on NewsRadio 1110 KFAB, I heard someone I thought was Scott Voorhees say something about electrocution Nebraska-style that surprised me. Scott is a local radio cat with an official work blog here and a MySpace plot here. He said he was concerned that Mr. Moore's head might burn a bit, maybe even catch fire. It wouldn't fit in with our "Good Life" theme, he opined. Whose good life is this cat that sounds like Scott talking about? Heaven forbid the Huns should thinks our mode of execution is unseemly, Scott.

[Scott just e-mailed to say it wasn't him, but perhaps Jim Rose, as he was in the shower at the time. "We sound similar, so I understand the confusion -- happens all the time."] I like Scott, even if he does sound like Jim Rose.

Perhaps you could look at killing murderers as another way we can keep the "Good Life" going here in Nebraska. Like we spray weeds.

May 01, 2007

May Day: Forget about the Haymarket

May Pole Dance - Medieval-style Merriment
Scantily clad ladies frolic around a Maypole, drinking and feasting to follow. I would like to see this pagan tradition brought back. What was wrong with the May Fair that couldn't be fixed by adding a little Jesus? Instead, May Day has come to be a day to 'celebrate' struggle. I hate struggling. It makes me tired just to watch it done.

Early May Day Struggle March
Marxist thought effectively ruined May Day in the US following the Haymarket riot in Chicago. Down went the Maypoles. No Bacchanalian frivolity is allowed under the dour Marxists strugglers. Reminds me of the Puritans chopping down American colonist Thomas Morton's pagan Maypole. No fun. Only struggle.

May Day for today's Communist Strugglers
May Day hasn't gotten any better since the Haymarket. Now it is all about struggle. This wailing cat probably manned the Peace Table at some College Student Union in the 60's. No fun here.

May Day for today's Struggling Illegal Mexicans
This kind of May Day doings not only isn't any fun, but it makes my blood boil. Now that the Mexican illegals here in the States and their compadres in Mexico have been bought and paid for by the communists, the workers all wear sombreros. And all they want to do today is struggle. I'm staying home.